Digital Media from Delgado Community College – New Orleans, LA

Download Videos

Video files presented here are set up for you to watch and enjoy on the website.  Video files are stored in a variety of places–on Vimeo, YouTube, and on our own server.  Downloading Delgado Television videos stored on Vimeo is easy; simply follow these instructions.

Vimeo Download Instructions


If you want to be able to download videos from YouTube and other sources, we recommend you install one of the various video capture programs available.  The one we have downloaded and tested is called FLV Downloader.  It has the advantages of being free and easy to use, but unfortunately is only available for Windows PCs.  For Macs, you can try iPubshoft Video Downloader…although we have no first-hand knowledge of its operation.

To use the FLV Downloader program, click the link above and go to the CNET website.  Depending upon which browser you are using, you will either open the installer program directly,  or save it to a local file, then open it.  The next part is very important!  DESELECT the “Express Installation” button and SELECT the “Advanced Installation” button.  Then, DESELECT all of the add-ons listed (unless you want to add yet another tool bar and make Yahoo your default search engine)!


After installation is complete, you can use the FLV Downloader program to capture videos on our website, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  Simply paste the video’s URL (you can usually right-click the video and copy its source address) and then enter where you want to save the file once it is downloaded.